Our Next Meeting

Sat., Sept. 20th, 2014 9:30am
Alamo Truck Stop
Sparks, NV
Private Room adjoining the Coffee Shop. It is easy to get to and is visible from I-80 on the south side of the freeway facing Gregg St between Vista and Sparks Blvd. The parking is also easy.

Sat., April 19th, 2014 11:00am
Masonic Lodge /
Escurial #7
Virginia City, NV
164 C Street, Virginia City, NV. This is directly across from the Fire Station. "C" is the main street.

Sat., May 10th, 2014 6:00pm
Lee/Jackson Dinner
Sands Casino
345 N. Arlington Ave, Reno, NV.
Upstairs in the Regency Towers Banquet Rooms.

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Important News

I am a Southerner

I am a Southerner...
I won’t apologize
I won’t be reconstructed.
I will not surrender
my identity, nor my heritage.
I believe in the Constitution,
In States’ Rights,
That the government should be the
Servant, not the Master of the people.
I believe in the right to bear arms,
The right to be left alone.

I am a Southerner...
The spirit of my Confederate ancestor
Boils in my blood.
He fought,
Not for what he thought was right,
But for what was right.
Not for slavery,
But to resist tyranny, Machiavellian laws,
Oppressive taxation, invasion of his land,
For the right to be left alone.

I am a Southerner...
A rebel,
Seldom politically correct,
At times belligerent.
I don’t like Lincoln, Grant, Sherman,
Or modern neocon politicians like them.
I like hunting and fishing, Lynyrd Skynyrd,
The Bonnie Blue and Dixie
I still believe in chivalry and civility.

I am a face in the Southern collage of
Gentlemen and scholars, belles and writers,
Soldiers and sharecroppers, Cajuns and Creoles,
Tejanos and Islenos, Celts and Germans,
Gullah and Geechi, freedmen and slaves.
We are all the South.

The South . . . My home,
My beautiful home,
My culture, my destiny, my heart.
I am a Southerner.

Written by Rickey Pittman I believe…

Lt. Dixon - CSS Hunley SCV Camp No. 2016 shall be strictly historical and benevolent, non-political, non-sectarian and non-discriminatory. We reject individuals and groups who misrepresent the history of the Civil War.
We do not condone hatred in any form and refute the use of the Confederate Flag, as well as the American Flag and the Christian Cross, by any group that endorses any form of hatred. Please treat these symbols with dignity and respect, or leave them alone.

(due August 1st of each year)

  • Regular dues: $42.00

    • $30 to SCV
    • $12 to the camp
  • Life member dues: $12.00

Please send your checks made out to SCV to:

Adjutant Lt. Dixon - CSS Hunley SCV Camp 2016
1580 Ridgeland Dr.
Sparks, NV 89434-1616

2014 2nd Quarter Newsletter, The Torpedo

The CSS Hunley under the command of Lt. George Dixon was the first submarine to sink an enemy warship in combat.

On February 17, 1864 the CSS Hunley sank the USS Housatonic off Sullivans Island, Charleston, South Carolina.

The CSS Hunley itself never returned.

This feat would not happen again until World War One - fifty years later.

Lt. George Dixon

CSS Hunley

USS Housatonic

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